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New ebook: 5 Essential Tips for App Marketing on Facebook

With more than a billion users regularly connecting via mobile, Facebook offers a huge and tempting audience to app marketers. But its appeal goes beyond size, as custom tailored mobile app ads can:

  • Appear in user’s mobile News Feeds
  • Link directly to the app stores
  • Provide a wealth of flexible audience selection features

However, the opportunity to cost-effectively build a loyal user base is not without its challenges. And that’s where Fiksu’s latest ebook comes in. The newly-updated 5 Essential Tips For App Marketing On Facebook, includes the most up-to-date tips and strategies for marketing an app on the world’s largest social media platform.

Inside you’ll learn how to:

  • Market your mobile app more effectively using Facebook
  • Achieve the best ROI when using Facebook mobile app install ads
  • Leverage Facebook’s immense audience and data
  • Employ Facebook’s all-new Audience Network to reach users outside of the social network
  • And much more

Download for free today!

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