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Mobile World Congress grows up… a little

Fiksu Mobile World Congress Booth 2016

Well, another Mobile World Congress is in the books, and as usual it was exciting, exhausting, educational, entertaining, and expansive. It’s interesting to see how the ad tech space has grown: five years ago, the whole mobile ad tech contingent was squeezed into the App Planet hall, with tiny booths and little name recognition. Now the companies we’ve grown up with all have better spots, bigger booths, and much more swagger. There are more and more “mobile marketing platforms,” and “audiences” is practically the word of the year.

Along with that maturation, the change in tone over the years has been interesting. Instead of trying to just understand mobile ad tech, attendees are coming in more informed and trying to tease out more details about what differentiates the various players. That also leads to increased competition—the battles between the tracking companies were particularly noticeable this year.

Despite that evolution, the ad tech space is also still the most fun—and perhaps the booziest. Afternoon beer and wine is practically mandatory at most of the ad tech booths, and that’s just the start. AppsFlyer held a rowdy, packed in-booth party with a DJ and shots, which was a great time. Adjust/Lovoo and MoPub both had parties Tuesday night that carried on into the wee hours, leading to a rather sluggish start on Wednesday morning for some of us. And SpotX was serving whisky and donuts – enough said.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by the booth, and see you next year.

Below: Fiksu’s Ben, Sarah, Pat, and Alex, bravely staffing the booth.

Fiksu MWC Team

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