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Introducing Our Real Time iPhone 6/6 Plus Tracker: Adoption Is Already Off the Charts

The long awaited “bigger than bigger” iPhone 6 and 6 plus models officially hit stores today, and eager fans across the globe have been waiting in line for hours attempting to get their hands on one of the shiny new devices. A quick look at our iPhone adoption tracker shows the iPhone 6 is quickly outpacing prior models just a few hours after release.


This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise as Apple announced earlier this week that it had sold 4 million iPhones (6 and 6 plus) during its preorder- twice as many as it sold in preorder for the iPhone 5.

What is somewhat surprising though is the fact that our tracker shows iPhone 6 adoption outpacing iPhone 6 plus adoption. The iPhone 6 plus has proved to be the more popular of the two devices thus far. Apple announced it had sold out of the iPhone 6 plus in pre-orders, and quick trip down the street from Fiksu’s headquarters to Apple’s Boston store quickly revealed that the majority of eager Apple fans couldn’t wait to get their hands on the larger 6 plus model.

But despite the high demand for the 6 plus, there appears to be limited supply, leaving many “settling” for the iPhone 6 instead, thereby explaining its increased adoption rate.

It’s also worth noting that we wrote yesterday about the slow iOS 8 adoption rate. We cited a number of factors contributing to this, one of which being “the demand for iPhone 6.” Based on the quick adoption we are now seeing, it’s very likely this was a major contributor to the slower than usual adoption rate for iOS 8.

Keep your eyes on the tracker throughout the weekend as it’s quickly looking like iPhone 6 adoption will be off the charts.