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Introducing Fiksu Mobile Retargeting

As the mobile app market continues to mature, brands have set their sights on sophisticated goals beyond basic user acquisition, aiming to reach their target users across multiple barriers: over time and across apps and device platforms. Marketers have already experienced the power of retargeting on the desktop – in fact, eMarketer says that 55 percent of marketers view retargeting as one of the most important forms of targeting. But without access to tools common to desktop marketing (cookies, tracking pixels, etc.), retargeting on mobile has proven extremely challenging.

Today for the first time, Fiksu is bringing retargeting to mobile, reflecting the fast-growing demand by large brands, agencies, and game publishers for robust marketing technologies that can provide re-engagement and cross-promotion to large audiences of existing users.

Built on our Fiksu Programmatic Mobile Demand Platform, Fiksu Retargeting reaches and optimizes traffic across all significant media sources – from RTB exchanges to Facebook to major ad networks like Google Adwords – for comprehensive mobile retargeting.

Here’s what Fiksu client Ben Addoms, President at Shotzoom, has to say about Fiksu Retargeting: “We love getting smarter about marketing PGATOURCaddie, and are excited to be an early adopter of Fiksu Retargeting. Fiksu is continually adding new technologies to their impressive toolkit, and we’re confident, based on early results, that Retargeting will become another successful component of our app marketing strategy.”

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