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Introducing Fiksu Mobile Audience Platform: Driving user engagement and value for brands

Fiksu Mobile Audience Platform

Last week, we announced the launch of The Fiksu Mobile Audience Platform. This latest addition to Fiksu’s data fueled mobile marketing technology arsenal, allows brands to create precise audience segments and engage them throughout the customer journey. Thanks to our enormous set of data—combined with dynamic segmentation tools—we have the unique ability to reach the most valuable audiences across the entire mobile ecosystem.

Our Mobile Audience Platform is built on an unmatched data repository with over 320 times as many data points as the number of pages Google has indexed. It processes information from its own collection of mobile-native data, clients’ first-party data about their existing customers and prospects, and third-party data from leading providers.

Once this data is all in one place, our Mobile Audience Platform continually refreshes mobile audiences and uses smart segmentation to allow advertisers and marketers to keep current on the best way to target users—helping them drive awareness, user acquisition and re-engagement.

Our Mobile Audience Platform customer Activision said it best: “We were incredibly impressed with the value delivered from the very specific audiences we targeted,” said Peter Knudson, Senior Product Manager at Activision. “It’s clear that Fiksu understands and can help us grow our mobile games portfolio in both scale and quality of players.”

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