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Holiday Webinar Recap

holiday webinar

We recently presented our annual “How to Plan Your Holiday Ad Budget” webinar. A perennial favorite, this year’s presentation was different than years past in that it wasn’t just about highlighting our best tips and practices – but included a new month-by-month strategy for maximizing marketers’ mobile ad budgets.

We built this strategy on five consecutive years of holiday data. While some of our tips changed (Remember the App Store freeze of 2013?) we mainly see the same buying behaviors each year. Since this year is likely to follow the same pattern, we designed our plan to take advantage of the gaps in buying activity.

You can watch the webinar (~45 minutes) or download the slides.

Some major takeaways include:

  1. The most efficient month to acquire users is in January. As you might expect, cost per loyal user (CPLU) is highest in the months leading up to Christmas. But guess what, for many marketers January represents the best time to acquire new users, as ad spend drops off but users are still very engaged with their new devices.
    How much a loyal app user costs
  2. Allocate spend for Android. Android still lags iOS in ROAS, but that gap is shrinking nearly every month. For many marketers, the best value can be had on Android if you know how to optimize your audiences and costs. 

    android growing influence

  3. Update your creatives with a holiday theme. Year after year, apps, especially games, see lifts in engagement when they offer a holiday-themed version of their standby app. Like this example from The Simpsons – a little extra creative effort can go a long ways. 

    holiday app design

Best of luck this holiday season acquiring the right users who will spend time and money in your app. If you ever find yourself needing user acquisition help at scale, we’re happy to help customize a program for you.

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