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FutureM Follow Up: Don’t Discount the App Store In Your User Acquisition Strategy

Last week, marketers across the country descended upon Boston for FutureM, which this year was combined with Hubspot’s Inbound for a massive marketing event.

Mobile, of course, was a hot topic throughout the three-day conference. One of the week’s mobile-focused sessions, Appification of the Web, featured Trip Advisor’s SVP of Global Product Adam Medros and Sittercity’s VP of Product Rishi Dean. As the discussion on the panel shifted to mobile user acquisition, the general sentiment was that the app store, and particularly, the organics gained from app store visibility weren’t a good source of user acquisition. We’d beg to differ.

If you can get mobile app downloads other ways, for example, by leveraging web traffic and converting those users to mobile, as was mentioned on the panel, then that’s great, you’re ahead of the curve. We’ve shown clients time and time again that with the right effort, gaining visibility in the app store leads to more organic downloads, which our data has proved are some of the most loyal users you can get.

If you disagree, we’d urge you to try again, maybe with a partner like Fiksu who has expertise on the topic. Using our rewards-based network, FreeMyApps, you can gain a highly visible ranking in your category (which by the way does not always have to be #1), and in turn, obtain a significant uptick in organic downloads. Take the example below, which shows the success a leading food and drink app had in doing just that.

As you can see, a burst campaign on FMA helped to propel the app to #1 in its category.

FMA Campaign US iTunes Category Rank Chart

More importantly, however, that exposure, in turn, resulted in 1 organic download above the previous baseline for every 2.4 paid downloads. And to top it off, those users – obtained at cost of just $1.20 – were among the most high value users of the campaign.

FMA Campaign Organic Uplift Chart

And this is just one example. We’ve seen this strategy prove successful time and time again. So as we said at the start, if, for whatever reason, you believe the app store is not a good way to obtain quality downloads, we encourage you to take another look. You may be very pleased with the results you achieve.