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Fiksu Introduces Two New Indexes to Its Arsenal of App Market Insights

Since Fiksu’s inception, our goal has been to help app developers and marketers find success in mobile and our strategy continues to evolve to reflect the inevitable changes in the mobile ecosystem and how they impacts your business. For nearly three years, we’ve published our monthly Indexes, the Cost per Loyal User Index and the App Store Competitive Index. Today, we’re giving you something new.

Tapping our team of data scientists and our gold mine of data, today, we’re introducing a new set of indexes that focus not only on downloads, but more importantly, on sustained engagement. The new Indexes are:

  • Cost per Install (CPI) Index that measures the cost per app install directly attributed to advertising.
  • Cost per App Launch Index that tracks the cost of each repeat app launch over time, which focuses on engagement and life-time value of mobile users.

We’ve introduced these new Indexes because we know that today’s savvy app marketers have two principal goals. The first is to cost-efficiently acquire new users. The second is to ensure these users keep coming back. By benchmarking the cost of both installs and app launches, our new Indexes will provide two distinct points of analysis to help app marketers fine-tune their strategies and spending.

For an in depth analysis of our new indexes that includes a look back at the numbers for 2013, check out the full report here: