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Fiksu Interviews: Shotzoom’s Golfshot Has Reaped the Benefits of Being An Early Adopter on Twitter


“Being willing to be early gives you the advantage of being there before the crowd of advertisers is already there.” So says Ben Addoms, President and GM at Shotzoom Software, makers of the app Golfshot: Golf GPS, which helps improve golf performance. Golfshot was one of the first apps to use Twitter’s Mobile App Promotion products earlier this summer.

Watch the full video below to hear more from Ben on early adoption in general and how it’s benefitted them on Twitter.

According to Ben, “It was like having a holiday to advertise on Twitter in July and August before everybody else in my industry got there. We got great CPIs, great registration rates and learned very quickly what was going to work.”

In fact, during those two months, Twitter actually represented 51% of Shotzoom’s total media spend on Golfshot, and accounted for 57% of all the purchases made in-app. Their CPI on Twitter was an impressive $2.31, compared to $3.10 on Facebook during the same timeframe.

They were particularly able to capitalize on one of Twitter’s unique features: TV targeting, which lets advertisers reach users that are watching and/or talking about a particular TV program while it’s on.

This feature was extremely beneficial for Golfshot, because “when people watch golf, they want to play golf.”  Using TV targeting, they were able to reach users during major golf events like the British Open, the PGA Championship, and the Ryder Cup, and it proved to be highly effective. Through TV targeting, Golfshot saw 16% lower CPIs and 30% greater scale.

“It definitely saved us money to be first. A lot of times in advertising, especially digital advertising, you assume that being first is going to be expensive,” said Ben. “But in mobile app install advertising, so far it’s proven to be the opposite.”

Be sure to watch the complete video, and stay tuned –we’ll have more coming from Ben Addoms soon on Golfshot’s overall mobile marketing strategy.

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