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Fiksu Interviews: Retargeting-What Is It and Why Should You Use It?

You may have read our recent article in VentureBeat highlighting the benefits of using retargeting both before and after users upgrade to iOS8 in the coming days.

If you’re interested in the strategy but haven’t completely wrapped your head around retargeting quite yet, we can help. Retargeting is a great strategy that can be used in a variety of instances-not just this week around the iOS8 launch.

For a quick retargeting refresh, we turn to some of our resident experts here at Fiksu, who recently discussed the topic at Fiksu’s annual sales week. Check out the video below.

First question: What is retargeting?

  • “It’s really just about finding and re-targeting people who you know have interacted with your brand.”-Chris Shuptrine, Sr. Director-New Markets
  • “You’re finding someone wherever they are. For example, even if someone has uninstalled your app, you can still find them.” –Jim Thomas, Product Marketing Manager
  • “The ability to find your existing user based on whatever platform or media they may be on.”-Jo Wightman, VP-Product Management, Social Platforms

Ok, so we’ve got that covered. But why should you use it?

“Users are constantly being bombarded by other services and ads for different products, and over time, there’s going to be attrition. So the reason you want to do retargeting is you can’t become complacent over time. There’s an opportunity to find a group of users who are not engaging with your service anymore and bring them back,” said Wightman.

For more on retargeting, check out our video below. And if you’re interested more specifically in cross-device retargeting, download our latest ebook.

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