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Fiksu Interviews: Mobile Resonates Across the Globe Despite Fragmented Landscape Abroad

There are more than 2.3 billion active mobile-broadband subscriptions across the world, and understanding regional similarities and differences is essential to extending mobile marketing success across borders. We recently interviewed three of Fiksu’s international experts to talk about the challenges of the global mobile market – videos are below.

Not surprisingly, based on its vast population, nearly half of that 2.3 billion—920 million—are based in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Most of the remaining 1 billion plus comes from the Americas or Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). But unlike the Americas, where the market is dominated by the United States, the mobile landscape in these other regions presents a fragmentation challenge.

“We’ve got over 100 different nation states in the region I look after, and there are more than 300 different languages spoken across that region, so the mobile landscape as a consequence is quite fragmented,” said Oliver Clark, Fiksu’s Director of Sales – EMEA, who is based in London. “There are different cultures and different languages, so it’s harder for people to connect—and therefore it’s harder for brands that want to connect to people to actually get to them and connect with them through apps.”

While the broader regions may be fragmented, they contain several key hotspots. According to Benjamin Hansz, Fiksu’s Vice President of International Client Management, London, Berlin, and Tel Aviv are leading the way in EMEA, while Seoul and Tokyo are at the forefront in APAC. But across the globe, in all countries and regions, he says, it’s an exciting time to be part of mobile.

“You can’t put it into a sentence—it’s just about being involved in these different marketplaces,” said Hansz. “But you really get a feel that mobile really is a global industry and there are hotspots throughout the globe, but it’s kind of the same language. No matter where you go in the globe, mobile is spoken, which is kind of cool to be a part of.”

Hear more on these topics in our below interviews with Fiksu’s own EMEA and APAC experts Benjamin Hansz, Oliver Clark, and Rico Wyder.


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