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Fiksu Interviews: Market Dictated the Time For Change

If you’ve had a chance to take a look around our new website over the last week or so, you’ve likely noticed our new look and our new products.

As our own Chief Strategy Officer Craig Palli discusses in the below video, now was the perfect time to roll out this new positioning, which he explains was “market-driven.”

“We’ve really set out to stay ahead of the pace of change,” said Palli. “As the market has matured, many brands are asking to do more in mobile. And through that demand we’ve rolled out two new products, Fiksu Aware and Fiksu Response.”

The engine behind all of our products, which also now include Fiksu Acquire and Fiksu Retain, ismIQ. As Craig describes, mIQ is a unique combination of assets that only Fiksu can offer.

“We start with the data to find the right audience, and we work with our tight traffic integrations in order to reach those audiences at the right time,” he said. “But the true core magic happens in the third leg of mIQ, which is optimization.”

Watch the complete video to hear more from Craig on mIQ and our new products.

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