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Fiksu Interviews: Client Catch-up with Golfshot

For some companies, mobile is just one part of what they do. For Shotzoom, much like for Fiksu, mobile is the only thing they do. Shotzoom has been developing apps since 2008, and their golf performance app, Golfshot: Golf GPS is currently among the Top 20 grossing apps in the sports category.

We recently sat down with their President and GM, Ben Addoms, to learn more about their mobile strategy. Watch the complete video below.

According to Ben, Golfshot’s number one challenge is growing their audience scalably. “We’re really agnostic about where we get users from,” says Ben. “We care about finding engaged users, what it costs to get them, and how many of them we can get and in what period of time.”

As you may already know if you’ve read our case study, Golfshot, like many apps, has had particular success finding some of its most engaged users on Facebook.

“Facebook really pioneered the mobile app install ad unit that was effective in getting users into the store to install the product,” he said. “They’ve also really driven the process of targeting. With Facebook I can dial in on users that look just like the people who are going to buy my product, and I can do it with confidence.”

Golfshot has enjoyed similar success on Twitter, as one of the first apps to use the new Mobile App Promotion products this past summer. Hear more from Ben on his early impressions of Twitter.

Be it on Facebook, Twitter, or across other networks, Golfshot has enjoyed a great deal of success since it launched in 2013. According to Ben, he credits a lot of that success to working with Fiksu, which he says has helped him to “prove the idea and scale it,” adding that “as we move ahead I’m confident they’re going to find new sources for us to be able to do it economically.”

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