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Fiksu Interviews: Client Catch-up with American Well

Fiksu is proud to work with some of the leading mobile apps in the industry, and that includes American Well, which allows users to see a doctor right on their phone or tablet. We recently caught up with the company’s SVP of Consumer Markets, Mike Putnam, to learn more about their mobile marketing strategy. Check out the complete video below.

According to Mike, since the company launched its first mobile apps last year, the bulk of their enrollments and doctor’s visits have moved to their mobile app. As a result, he says “mobile has become absolutely essential for our strategy. We see it continuing to grow. We’re really a mobile company at heart and everyone needs to learn about what that means and how we use it in the future.”

With mobile becoming such a core component of the company’s business, mobile marketing has, in turn, become more of an emphasis. And like many mobile marketers, American Well has had to decide whether to do it in house, or work with a technology partner. Mike discusses that decision in the video below.

“We’ve tried managing ad networks directly ourselves with an internal team, and we’ve tried working with Fiksu as our partner to manage our mobile ad spend,” said Mike. “What I’d say is that we’re very happy with Fiksu. As a result we’re managing more networks, it takes us less time, and we’ve driven our overall costs of acquisition down by more than 40%.”

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