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Fiksu Interviews: CEO Micah Adler Talks Data, Programmatic, and the Future of Mobile

Micah Adler

Here at Fiksu, we consider ourselves a mobile advertising data powerhouse. Recently, we announced some pretty impressive stats to back that up. In case you haven’t already heard, that includes:

  • 3 billion app downloads driven
  • 1.7 billion device profiles
  • 300 billion in-app events
  • 3.5 trillion marketing events
  • 1.2 billion loyal users
  • Over $100 million in revenue

According to our CEO Micah Adler, this vast accumulation of data is no accident, and didn’t just happen overnight.

“We have built out platform from the ground up from day one as a mobile-first technology platform, and as a result of that we handle data exactly the right way for the mobile space. The amount of data that is available and really necessary to utilize in the mobile space is absolutely astounding,” said Adler.

At Fiksu, we not only have the data to drive informed decisions, but we have the programmatic technology to act on those decisions in real time. According to Micah, that means, “getting feedback about advertising placement decisions and having future decisions based on that feedback.”

To hear plenty more from Micah on “The Future of Mobile: Data Fueled, Programmatic, and Dominant,” watch the complete interview below.

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