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Fiksu Helps Topps Realize Impressive ROI & Gain Valuable Insights


Featured by Apple as a “Best New App,” BUNT is the exclusive digital trading card app of Major League Baseball. Looking to reach out to the millions of tech-savvy baseball fans across the world, Topps, the makers of BUNT, turned to Fiksu to acquire users and maximize ROI.

With Fiksu’s help, Topps was able to capitalize on Facebook and Twitter’s mobile app promotion products to efficiently and effectively reach their target audience. And we’re happy to have had the chance to sit down and talk to Topps to share their success story in our new case study.

For Topps, they found that by targeting unique segments of baseball fans on Facebook, they were able to quickly realize ROI in excess of 300%, while also gaining valuable insights above and beyond mobile.

“Facebook helped with the efficient acquisition of users that led to an ROI, but Facebook also gave us market research and insights we could use when making decisions on ad buys in traditional media. We did so well with Oakland and Baltimore on Facebook that we decided to run a pilot for television commercials in those markets. The pilot was small and went well, but we wouldn’t have known those were the markets to target for a more traditional ad buy had we not had success on Facebook first,” said Michael Bramlage, VP of Digital at Topps.

Topps also enjoyed similar success as an early adopter of Twitter’s Mobile App Promotion products. To learn more about the results they achieved, and the strategy used, download the complete case study or read more about the campaign in Mobile Marketer.