Fiksu DSP launches BidMind, a CTV advertising platform

July 6, 2020

Boston, July 6, 2020 — Fiksu, a renowned, cross-environment programmatic platform, announces the launch of BidMind, a self-serve platform for marketing on CTV. For over a decade, Fiksu has been uniting the industry's largest proprietary datasets with powerful optimization and segmentation tools helping performance-driven marketers target specific audiences more likely to engage with their product on mobile or the web. BidMind represents an evolution of these algorithms applied in the CTV environment.
As one of the most sophisticated DSPs, rewarded for its unique targeting algorithms, Fiksu's new platform helps advertisers navigate the CTV environment while delivering refined features. BidMind is:

BidMind provides brands and agencies with their target personas and grounded analytics

Measurable & Transparent

As CTV inventory isn't heavily regulated, measurability is a core concern for some advertisers. With BidMind's advanced reporting, brands are aware of how well their campaigns are performing across CTV, mobile and desktop.

Brand Safe

It is crucial for advertisers to be sure that the content their ads appear alongside doesn't compromise the brand's image. BidMind connects marketers to premium partners with quality content that matches their brand's image.


Fiksu's in-house anti-fraud shield in combination with its partner Pixalate guarantees fraud-free supply chains from trusted content providers. BidMind analyzes myriad devices cross-platform identifying insecure sources.


Self-Serve. The BidMind platform is available on a self-serve model, putting power in the hands of in-house advertising teams. The platform exceeds advertiser expectations, offering easy campaign setup, advanced and customized analytics, a dedicated support team if/when needed, and full control of ad campaigns.

Anna Kuzmenko, Fiksu's COO, says: "Years ago Fiksu pioneered the mobile advertising landscape with its unique machine-learning algorithm. Today, BidMind pioneers the CTV environment with an even better approach - a combination of experience and innovation. We have enriched our team with data scientists, ad ops, developers, a sales team of industry veterans, this is how BidMind was born. Our goal is to spearhead the transition into the CTV environment through establishing meaningful connections between brands and their audiences."

Fiksu is a global marketing and technology company established in 2008 and headquartered in Boston, MA, USA. The firm is highly-regarded for its massive proprietary dataset of mobile audiences, delivering hyper-targeted ads to customers. Fiksu's clientele consists of Amazon, Disney, Groupon, Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Dunkin' Donuts, Starcom, and more.

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Anna Kuzmenko
COO at Fiksu