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Facebook for Games eBook: No Cheesy Headlines, Just Performance

ebook: User Acquisition for Mobile Games on Facebook

As marketers, we’re often looking for some attention-getting device to get people to notice our message.

Sometimes you have a great story, but there’s no one individual, dramatic point to make. Thus, there’s a temptation to resort to headlines like “long lost secrets of app marketing” and that sort of thing.  We’ve all seen these kind of headlines, and we’ve all probably clicked on a few of them.

Facebook has presented game marketers with great opportunities to find high quality users. There is a bit of a dilemma though – the scope and number of different ways to segment is and reach users is immense.  There are many ways to generate performance, so many that it can be hard to know which tools to use and how to best deploy them. If you use them together intelligently, like an engine running on all cylinders, you can reach even higher levels of performance.  But combining many techniques that build on one another doesn’t always make for great copy.

If you are interested in how you can achieve better performance, check out our new ebook on using Facebook for game player acquisition.  It includes:

  • Results from a study of 8 million downloads comparing the performance of Facebook for marketing games to other media
  • Best practices and techniques to improve performance for Facebook mobile app ads up to 60%
  • An overview Fiksu’s programmatic tools for Facebook
  • Case studies showing how three different games achieved their volume, rank and ROI goals on Facebook using Fiksu programmatic tools

We think every mobile game should be using Facebook to reach new players — download the ebook here and see if you agree.

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