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Even in the age of hypertargeting, creative still matters: mobile creative best practices

Mobile marketers: on a scale of 1 to jump out the window, how tired are you of the phrase “right message, right user, right time?” I know I’m sick of it—and I’m guilty of using it myself, because it’s one of the biggest cliches in mobile for a reason. Mobile’s ability to target exactly the individuals most likely to be receptive an advertiser’s message is a game changer.

That said, there’s another core component of traditional advertising that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves on mobile: creative. That is… what does the ad say and what does it look like?

It sounds simplistic, but it matters. In the tiny fractions of a second you have to get a user’s attention, the right creative can really make a difference. Here are a few examples from our clients:

  • A casino app saw a 233% increase in CTR and a 70% increase in purchaser rate by adding Fiksu creatives and app store logos and badges 
  • A slots app saw conversion rates jump 84% and day 3 ROAS shoot up 157% by updating their ads to more closely reflect the feel of the game
  • A photo editing app saw CTR increase by an average 55% with Fiksu-provided creatives

Fiksu’s in-house design team has been helping drive these results, by analyzing what works and giving feedback to our clients’ designers, as well as producing creative sets for our clients. And we’ve learned a few things about what really makes a difference for mobile creative.

Mobile creative best practices

  • As with any marketing, create ads that match your intended audience. Make up a person who characterizes your best users and write specifically to them.
  • Plan to update your creatives every 3 to 6 weeks as ads get stale. This is even more important with good targeting, as you’ll be hitting a smaller audience more often.
  • Visuals that include phones or tablets and/or screenshots outperform other ads, so get that glamor shot in there. But make sure you keep your images current: ads that show an iPhone 4 or a screenshot that doesn’t match your UI will hurt your campaign.
  • For app campaigns, include the appropriate app store badge in the ad as well
  • Make sure you keep consistent imagery and tone from your ads to your landing pages. If you’re testing a new look or new copy style for your ads, make a new landing page to match.
  • Always resize desktop ad units to match key mobile ad specs: even if the aspect ratios match, logos and copy will be much less legible on mobile than they were on desktop.
  • Lifestyle imagery tends to perform well — but obviously fake stock photography can be a turnoff.

Of course these are guidelines, not hard and fast rules: what works for 9 apps will fail miserably for the 10th, so it’s always important to plan on testing multiple variations on imagery, copy, and targeting.

Need help?

Producing multiple rounds of creative can put a strain on internal resources, or on your outsourcing budget. Right now, Fiksu DSP is offering all new clients a free creative consultation. We’ll review your existing creatives and give you feedback, as well as produce two new full sets of RTB-optimized creatives for you. And we’ll throw in a free 15 second video as well for clients spending more than $40K.

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