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Don’t panic! Facebook app marketing changes don’t have to leave you in the dark

About a month ago, Facebook announced they will no longer allow advertisers access to device-level reporting. Specifically, advertisers won’t be able to get access to the device IDs of users found through Facebook ads. While this is a big change for advertisers using those IDs directly, there’s an important distinction that some commentary seems to be missing.

Mobile Measurement Partners—like Fiksu and many others—will still be able to use device IDs for measuring LTV and reporting aggregate data on Facebook campaign performance. That means clients will continue to receive the same mobile ad attribution, complete event tracking, LTV measurement, and deep insights they’ve come to expect. We’ll also be able to do re-engagement campaigns as normal.

The change is that we will no longer be able to share the actual device IDs—IDFAs or Android Advertising Identifiers—attributed to Facebook with our clients.

So that’s the situation. Using an MMP will still give you access to the LTV metrics by channel that you need to effectively manage your mobile marketing campaigns. More importantly for us, we’ll still be able to get the detailed, ad-level information that we can use to optimize across Facebook, Twitter, RTB, and other programmatic mobile ad channels.

Chime in below if you have questions or if you think there’s more to be concerned about here.