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Don’t treat yourself to an iPad just yet: Fiksu DSP data reveals new models on the way

There have been plenty of rumors predicting Apple’s release of new iPads. So we perked up when digging into our SDK data we spotted evidence that the newest iPads are being tested now, and probably on pace for a spring release. The timing makes sense. Since the iPad’s debut in 2010, there’s been a steady decline in consumer enthusiasm for purchasing the devices. And that’s a problem for Apple, which wants the iPads to be a premium product, with a premium sticker price. What is the data and where does it come from? What this graph shows is a steadily increasing…..

5 predictions ahead of Mobile World Congress 2017

As another Mobile World Congress (MWC) kicks-off next week, we wanted to take a guess at what people will be talking about at the show when they’re not testing out the newest mobile devices on display. Here are five non-hardware predictions for MWC: 1. The continued development of AR/VR technology Every hardware vendor at the show is likely to say something about advances in AR/VR — mostly around hardware upgrades like improved processor speeds and lighter devices. However, more interesting will be the updates to the software, user experiences, and business strategies that will be used in the coming year…..

Accepting the challenge: earning loyal users in a crowded app market

Here at Fiksu, we’re interested in how consumers interact with mobile advertising and how that, in turn, influences the app ecosystem. From interacting with ads to downloading new apps, we want to understand how consumers feel about mobile advertising and what drives them to download, try, and ultimately either delete apps or become long-term users. So, we asked! We surveyed more than 500 consumers across the U.S. ages 18-70 to gauge their overall sentiment towards mobile advertising and see what we can do to better serve up advertisements to consumers on their mobile devices. Not so surprisingly, from different ad…..

Charting Programmatic Rise in EMEA

Of late, Fiksu has dedicated a lot of blog space, speaking engagements, eBooks, and cases studies to charting the rise of programmatic ad spend.  The problem, however, is that a lot of these statistics are representative of either the global mobile marketplace or are solely US-specific, both of which fail to adequately highlight the trends in EMEA’s mobile market. Well, until now, anyway. Thanks to a report published by Adform, new light has been shed on European programmatic spend.  Particularly noteworthy data included: Programmatic spend in the third quarter of 2014 grew 16% compared to the second quarter Mobile phones…..

Year-end Roundup: 2014’s Most Eye-popping Mobile Statistics

When it comes to data-driven, programmatic marketing, lots of numbers get thrown around, and keeping track of all of them can be just a tiny bit confusing.  That’s why we’ve assembled a list of some of the most striking, important, or flat-out interesting stats regarding today’s mobile environment.  Consider it a cheat sheet. 86% of time spent on mobile is spent on apps You’ve probably heard this number thrown around before, but it’s important nonetheless.  Think about the prevalence of smartphones—one look around the subway during rush hour should confirm it—and then think that the vast majority of those people…..

Boom or bust? New iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 trackers now live

As the new iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 arrive in stores and customers’ mailboxes, we’ve turned on our iPad launch tracker to see how this generation compares to previous iPads. Will pent-up consumer demand driveincreible sales? Is the addition of the fingerprint scanner a big draw? Did that laser-shaved pencil demonstration of how thin the Air is really win people over? Or, will this be just another incremental release without a massive impact on the market? We’ll see as the days go by. Here’s the current chart: As of 2pm, we can see the Air 2 starting to…..

The First 72 Hours: Apple’s iPhone 6 Adoption Significantly Outpacing the 6 Plus

In just the first 72 hours, Apple sold more than 10 million new iPhone 6 and 6 plus devices, which isn’t all that surprising based on what seemed like added anticipation. What remains somewhat surprising, however, is that the iPhone 6 seems to be crushing the iPhone 6 plus in sales. While Apple hasn’t (and likely won’t) officially announced separate sales numbers for the two devices, our tracker shows that early adoption for the iPhone 6 is off the charts, while the iPhone 6 plus is barely pacing ahead of the iPhone 5c. The question is, what gives? As we…..

Introducing our real-time iOS 8 adoption tracker

You’re not the only one anticipating today’s release of iOS 8. In fact, since Apple’s operating system was made available to the public at 1 pm EST, more than a few have headed over to the notification center,  “read” the terms and agreements, and clicked update. But if you’re curious just how many people have upgraded in the first hours (or, let’s be real—minutes) of release, check out Fiksu’s tracker.   It displays how many millions of Fiksu in-app events are running on newly iOS 8-enabled devices. And while you’re there, take look at our other trackers, including one that compares…..

Facebook for Games eBook: No Cheesy Headlines, Just Performance

As marketers, we’re often looking for some attention-getting device to get people to notice our message. Sometimes you have a great story, but there’s no one individual, dramatic point to make. Thus, there’s a temptation to resort to headlines like “long lost secrets of app marketing” and that sort of thing.  We’ve all seen these kind of headlines, and we’ve all probably clicked on a few of them. Facebook has presented game marketers with great opportunities to find high quality users. There is a bit of a dilemma though – the scope and number of different ways to segment is…..

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