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Fiksu Interviews: Market Dictated the Time For Change

If you’ve had a chance to take a look around our new website over the last week or so, you’ve likely noticed our new look and our new products. As our own Chief Strategy Officer Craig Palli discusses in the below video, now was the perfect time to roll out this new positioning, which he explains was “market-driven.” “We’ve really set out to stay ahead of the pace of change,” said Palli. “As the market has matured, many brands are asking to do more in mobile. And through that demand we’ve rolled out two new products, Fiksu Aware and Fiksu…..

Fiksu Interviews: Client Catch-up with Golfshot

For some companies, mobile is just one part of what they do. For Shotzoom, much like for Fiksu, mobile is the only thing they do. Shotzoom has been developing apps since 2008, and their golf performance app, Golfshot: Golf GPS is currently among the Top 20 grossing apps in the sports category. We recently sat down with their President and GM, Ben Addoms, to learn more about their mobile strategy. Watch the complete video below. According to Ben, Golfshot’s number one challenge is growing their audience scalably. “We’re really agnostic about where we get users from,” says Ben. “We care…..

Fiksu Interviews: Shotzoom’s Golfshot Has Reaped the Benefits of Being An Early Adopter on Twitter

“Being willing to be early gives you the advantage of being there before the crowd of advertisers is already there.” So says Ben Addoms, President and GM at Shotzoom Software, makers of the app Golfshot: Golf GPS, which helps improve golf performance. Golfshot was one of the first apps to use Twitter’s Mobile App Promotion products earlier this summer. Watch the full video below to hear more from Ben on early adoption in general and how it’s benefitted them on Twitter. According to Ben, “It was like having a holiday to advertise on Twitter in July and August before everybody else…..

Fiksu Interviews: Client Catch-up with American Well

Fiksu is proud to work with some of the leading mobile apps in the industry, and that includes American Well, which allows users to see a doctor right on their phone or tablet. We recently caught up with the company’s SVP of Consumer Markets, Mike Putnam, to learn more about their mobile marketing strategy. Check out the complete video below. According to Mike, since the company launched its first mobile apps last year, the bulk of their enrollments and doctor’s visits have moved to their mobile app. As a result, he says “mobile has become absolutely essential for our strategy……

Fiksu Interviews: Retargeting-What Is It and Why Should You Use It?

You may have read our recent article in VentureBeat highlighting the benefits of using retargeting both before and after users upgrade to iOS8 in the coming days. If you’re interested in the strategy but haven’t completely wrapped your head around retargeting quite yet, we can help. Retargeting is a great strategy that can be used in a variety of instances-not just this week around the iOS8 launch. For a quick retargeting refresh, we turn to some of our resident experts here at Fiksu, who recently discussed the topic at Fiksu’s annual sales week. Check out the video below. First question:…..

Fiksu Interviews: Mobile Resonates Across the Globe Despite Fragmented Landscape Abroad

There are more than 2.3 billion active mobile-broadband subscriptions across the world, and understanding regional similarities and differences is essential to extending mobile marketing success across borders. We recently interviewed three of Fiksu’s international experts to talk about the challenges of the global mobile market – videos are below. Not surprisingly, based on its vast population, nearly half of that 2.3 billion—920 million—are based in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. Most of the remaining 1 billion plus comes from the Americas or Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). But unlike the Americas, where the market is dominated by the…..

Fiksu Interviews: CEO Micah Adler Talks Data, Programmatic, and the Future of Mobile

Here at Fiksu, we consider ourselves a mobile advertising data powerhouse. Recently, we announced some pretty impressive stats to back that up. In case you haven’t already heard, that includes: 3 billion app downloads driven 1.7 billion device profiles 300 billion in-app events 3.5 trillion marketing events 1.2 billion loyal users Over $100 million in revenue According to our CEO Micah Adler, this vast accumulation of data is no accident, and didn’t just happen overnight. “We have built out platform from the ground up from day one as a mobile-first technology platform, and as a result of that we handle…..

Fiksu Interviews: Internet Week Wrap-Up- Mobile Topics and Trends

Some of the top leaders in mobile technology descended upon NYC last week for the annual Internet Week NY festival, a celebration of technology’s impact on business and culture. More than 45,000 people attended 250+ events over the course of seven days. The M1 “Mobile-First” Summit brought together the biggest innovators in mobile, including founders, VCs, big brands and more, for a day-long event. Panel topics included: “The Next Frontier of Mobile Advertising: Cross-Platform,” “Mobile Apps with (Hundreds of) Millions of Users & How They Did It” and “Mobile Advertising Accelerates to Embrace Programmatic,” featuring Fiksu’s very own Chief Strategy…..

Fiksu Interviews: Achieving Success in App User Acquisition

It’s no surprise that a recent Millward Brown study revealed that American’s daily time spent on mobile devices now outpaces TV. With that in mind, MITX’s recent Mobile Summit highlighted “the change from mobile as a device to mobile as a behavior.” With more than a million apps in the app store, mobile users have no shortage of choices. Likewise, with time spent on mobile devices continuing to increase, brands have no shortage of people to target. Volume is evident, but value is little trickier. Which begs the question: what does success for user acquisition look like for any given…..

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