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Case Study: Fiksu Helps Audioboom Reach New Heights


Audioboom, a London-based podcast network, allows users to listen to, record and share sound files via desktop and mobile app. The company has more than 4 million registered users worldwide.

Back in September of 2014, Audioboom was hoping to make a splash with their newly re-designed iOS app–and splash they did. With Fiksu’s help, Audioboom was able to reach the top 10 in both the US and UK App Store. As you can read in our complete case study, they were also able to drive more than one million downloads in just a few short months.

“We’ve hit every target we’ve set, in the right time frame, and on budget. Everything we asked for, Fiksu helped us achieve,” said Adam Mills, Marketing Business Analyst, Audioboom.

To learn more about their results and the strategies used, download the complete case study.

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