Author: Jeremy Sacco

Pitch out: taking your mobile ads to the ballpark

It’s opening day for most of baseball today, and here at Boston-based Fiksu we have a lot of Red Sox fans getting excited for another big season. But beyond our rooting interests, we’ve also been thinking a lot about how the combination of location targeting and mobile ID-based tracking creates huge opportunities for brands interested in reaching baseball fans. First, baseball lends itself to direct location targeting for several reasons: 30 teams * 162 games each = 2,340 games An average of 30K fans per game Easy to map – only 30 locations to target Baseball pacing encourages lots of…..

Don’t treat yourself to an iPad just yet: Fiksu DSP data reveals new models on the way

There have been plenty of rumors predicting Apple’s release of new iPads. So we perked up when digging into our SDK data we spotted evidence that the newest iPads are being tested now, and probably on pace for a spring release. The timing makes sense. Since the iPad’s debut in 2010, there’s been a steady decline in consumer enthusiasm for purchasing the devices. And that’s a problem for Apple, which wants the iPads to be a premium product, with a premium sticker price. What is the data and where does it come from? What this graph shows is a steadily increasing…..

Accepting the challenge: earning loyal users in a crowded app market

Here at Fiksu, we’re interested in how consumers interact with mobile advertising and how that, in turn, influences the app ecosystem. From interacting with ads to downloading new apps, we want to understand how consumers feel about mobile advertising and what drives them to download, try, and ultimately either delete apps or become long-term users. So, we asked! We surveyed more than 500 consumers across the U.S. ages 18-70 to gauge their overall sentiment towards mobile advertising and see what we can do to better serve up advertisements to consumers on their mobile devices. Not so surprisingly, from different ad…..

Up all night to get Lucky: Fiksu and AGS crack the challenging social casino app market

You think marketing your app is hard? Try finding a profitable source of users for a social casino app. In contrast to real-money gambling apps, social casino apps let players try their luck at slots, video poker, bingo, and other games of chance – without wagering real money. These are apps are extremely popular, claiming 7 of the top 25 grossing slots in the app store right now. They’re also big business, with a market estimated at $4.4B in 2017. The trick is that the revenue is extremely concentrated in a small number of players: the VIPs, a tiny percentage…..

Introducing the new Fiksu Indexes

The Fiksu Indexes have been an industry staple for more than 4 years, tracking the rise and fall (but mostly rise) of mobile marketing costs and competition. Now we’re thrilled to introduce two new indexes that focus on the open RTB market. Our CPM index measures the cost per thousand ad impressions across a wide range of exchanges and ad formats, and our new Cost per Purchase (CPP) Index shows the relative price required to capture an app user who takes a targeted action, which is usually a purchase but can be a registration or subscription in some apps. Together, they…..

iOS 10 adoption surging; tracker updates

While iOS 10 wasn’t setting the world on fire from its initial launch, falling short of the adoption curve set by iOS 6, 7, and 9, that looks to be changing in recent days. Our iOS tracker shows the adoption of iOS 10 accelerating over the last week, quickly adding almost 20 percentage points to hit 57% of the iPhones and iPads in our sample. A few factors could be involved: Consumers who were slow to upgrade after some iPhones froze up during the iOS 10 installation have been satisfied that Apple fixed that issue. Pre-ordered iPhone 7s, which were in great demand, are…..

Slow start for iPhone 7

Through the first weekend of sales, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are coming up short of the adoption rates seen in other recent launches. Here’s what our iPhone adoption trackers showed at the end of the day Sunday: At just 0.5% usage after the opening weekend, the iPhone 7 is at half the adoption of the 6s (1.1%) and less than a third of what the 6 had at the same point (1.8%). The 7 Plus is doing no better. It’s clearly too early to say the iPhone 7 is a flop. But despite Apple’s best efforts, the excitement level…..

Upgrade glitches not enough to slow iOS 10 adoption on launch day

So a few iPhones were temporarily bricked. Think that will slow the pace of iOS 10 adoption? Doesn’t look like it. Now that iOS 10 is here, we’ve updated our iOS industry trackers to follow the adoption. And the launch day results show iOS 10 well ahead of all the releases since iOS 5 with the exception of iOS 7: We’ll keep watching over the coming week and see if the pace keeps up. If you’re watching our charts, keep in mind that the current day number is incomplete — it’ll continue to update, roughly every hour or so. What are…..

Even in the age of hypertargeting, creative still matters: mobile creative best practices

Mobile marketers: on a scale of 1 to jump out the window, how tired are you of the phrase “right message, right user, right time?” I know I’m sick of it—and I’m guilty of using it myself, because it’s one of the biggest cliches in mobile for a reason. Mobile’s ability to target exactly the individuals most likely to be receptive an advertiser’s message is a game changer. That said, there’s another core component of traditional advertising that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves on mobile: creative. That is… what does the ad say and what does it look…..

Targeted Facebook campaigns not working? Don’t blame targeting… diversify!

“P&G to Scale Back Targeted Facebook Ads.” For those of us in the ad tech industry, it was an eye-catching headline. The story is that after getting deep into targeting specific types of people on Facebook, Procter & Gamble realized they had gone too far, and were getting less effective performance on their targeted campaigns then they were on more broadly targeted ads. Now they’re pulling back their spend on those types of campaigns. Unfortunately it seems like P&G is jumping to the wrong conclusion, as precision-targeted ads, when done correctly, are almost always more efficient than broader campaigns. There…..

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