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Fiksu2Fiksu ride cruises to another great year

Everyone lined up at the Northampton Office – ready to roll out This past Saturday marked the 4th annual Fiksu2Fiksu (F2F for short) event, a 100-mile ride between Fiksu’s two Massachusetts offices, from Northampton to Boston. The tradition was started by a handful of avid cyclers at Fiksu with the support of CEO Micah Adler, who joins the ride every year. The camaraderie and a love of cycling brings riders back year after year, and this year was no different: the morning of September 12th was foggy, not too cold, and you could feel the excitement. Despite the early start…..

For advertisers, iOS 9 ad blocking is nothing to worry about

Lately, there has been a lot of speculation about iOS 9 ad blocking in the press. We at Fiksu feel this concern is overblown among advertisers. Ad blocking in iOS 9 is only available as an extension for Safari, making it applicable solely to mobile web traffic: there’s no indication that this change will have any impact on in-app ads. And remember, apps now account for 90% of time spent on mobile. That’s where the inventory is, that’s where the inventory performs best—for marketers looking to succeed on mobile, it’s business as usual. Even if, however, you plan on running…..

Ranking the Effectiveness of Facebook Campaigns

When looking to reach specific audiences and/or acquire loyal app users, more mobile marketers promote on Facebook than on any other network. And naturally, with so much competition, differing strategies for reaching potential users have emerged. The problem is, not all of them are created equal. Ordered from least to most effective, the following list examines the pros and cons of four popular Facebook marketing strategies. Tier 4: Just the basics   As simple as you can get, broad demographic campaigns are basic campaigns targeted at a certain demographic group, for instance, 18-25-year-old males living in the Northeast. Not entirely…..

Advice for Agencies Working with App Developers

This is a guest post from our partner AppsFlyer written by Florence Broder, Community & Localization Manager at Appsflyer with contributions from Noa Manor, Senior Account Manager at Appsflyer. It’s a competitive app marketplace out there, which is forcing app developers to invest their in-house resources on product development rather than marketing the app. For that, they turn to digital agencies to support user acquisition and retention efforts. But what should agencies know when working with this unique group? We’re All in it Together App Developers are looking for agencies that will be their partner rather than just an outsourced…..

New ebook: The Mobile Advantage: Engaging Audiences Throughout the Customer Journey

Everywhere you turn someone is on a mobile device. Whether they’re in their living room, riding a subway, or even walking down the street, all eyes are laser focused on the smartphone in their hands that can connect them to the rest of the world. And that means with each and every passing second, as more and more actions are taken on those mobile devices, more and more mobile data is being collected. Data which, thanks to the mobile ID, is more reliable, and more personal than ever before. Thus we have the mobile advantage. As our latest ebook describes,…..

Case Study: Fiksu Helps Audioboom Reach New Heights

Audioboom, a London-based podcast network, allows users to listen to, record and share sound files via desktop and mobile app. The company has more than 4 million registered users worldwide. Back in September of 2014, Audioboom was hoping to make a splash with their newly re-designed iOS app–and splash they did. With Fiksu’s help, Audioboom was able to reach the top 10 in both the US and UK App Store. As you can read in our complete case study, they were also able to drive more than one million downloads in just a few short months. “We’ve hit every target…..

Fiksu celebrates 5 billion downloads (and counting)

As the largest independent source of mobile audience data, we’re excited to report that we’ve just eclipsed the 5 billion download mark. In case you’re wondering just how much 5 billion really is, it’s more than the combined population of all seven countries where we have offices around the globe. That includes the US, UK, Finland, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Germany. Our official download number 5,000,000,000 came for our client Le Figaro, a longstanding French newspaper who we’re excited to be helping establish a strong presence on mobile. When looking at iOS-only downloads, we’ve now tracked an impressive 1…..

Fiksu welcomes its annual wave of summer interns and co-ops

With each summer season in New England comes the long-awaited warm weather, baseball games at Fenway Park, and several fresh young faces at Fiksu. This summer we’re pleased to welcome a contingent of talented college students, including interns from Dartmouth and Williams College, as well as several co-ops from Northeastern University. They’ll be working across nearly all departments at Fiksu, including sales, marketing, finance, accounting, and engineering. This summer’s group brings a strong international flavor to the organization, with several students raised abroad including in Asia and India, and one of them even fluent in four languages. They’re all eager…..

New Fiksu Ebook: Mastering the Mobile Market: Retail

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Back in January, Fiksu’s Craig Palli wrote about the first-ever appearance of mobile app advertisements during the Super Bowl. He theorized that by spending an average of $4.5 million dollar on commercials featuring the likes of Liam Neeson and Kate Upton, mobile companies were choosing television’s biggest stage to declare their arrival as the most dominant form of digital media. Following March Madness, when even more mobile dollars were spent and nearly every commercial break was preempted with a reminder to download the broadcasting network’s bracket app, Craig doubled down on his prediction.  Now, in the wake of this month’s…..

Twitter Tips: Understanding Handles Impact on UA

Twitter is a great source of traffic for your mobile app, but getting the right users at scale can be a challenge. Running untargeted campaigns can drive higher volumes, however, it risks pushing ads to users that are uninterested in your app, resulting in lower CTRs and higher acquisition costs. Targeting keywords, on the other hand, can give you a highly qualified user, but can result in low volume and highly volatile week-to-week performances that require constant maintenance to keep up with current keywords. This is where handles come in. When you’re acquiring users for an app, finding the right…..

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