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The Apple Watch is here – so is Fiksu’s new Watch tracking capability

Apple Watch

The much-anticipated Apple Watch is finally here, as early pre-orders have begun to arrive. Already,3000 apps are available on the device, and 20 million units are predicted to be sold this year. The buzz is clearly at a peak for consumers, as well as marketers, who are eager to find out how they can capitalize on this newest mobile device.

Here at Fiksu, we’re pleased to announce Apple Watch tracking capabilities that will allow marketers to recognize and track user behavior on the Apple Watch, including launches, registrations, purchases, or any watch event they’re interested in keeping track of. Because Apple Watch apps currently depend on a parent iPhone app, marketers can leverage Fiksu’s existing iOS SDK to track events on both an iPhone and a paired Apple Watch.

In fact, Fiksu client Shotzoom is already taking advantage of this tracking to better understand how their Golfshot: Golf GPS app users are using their new Apple Watch extension on the golf course. With the Apple Watch, golfers will get the advantage of a multi-purpose device that—through the Golfshot app—will also afford them the same features that more expensive, golf-only watches have previously offered.

Apple Watch Golf

Shotzoom is extremely excited about having the ability to understand Apple Watch adoption rates and identify users who have activated the watch, so they can reach out to them to get immediate feedback at this early stage.

“I’m really pleased that Fiksu is in a position to help us identify active users of our Golfshot Apple Watch app immediately. This is just another example of how Fiksu helps us stay smarter and more nimble. We’re interested in leadership in wearables because it lets us identify opportunities early and take advantage of them before anyone else in our category,” said Ben Addoms, President, Shotzoom.

In addition, Shotzoom is excited about leveraging Fiksu’s ability to create Apple Watch audience segments, which they can use to retarget known users of their Apple Watch app on their iPhones. In particular, they plan to use this feature to create retargeting campaigns around known Watch users to encourage pro subscriptions.

For other marketers like Shotzoom interested in leveraging this unique capability, setting up an app for Apple Watch tracking via the Fiksu SDK is a simple process. App developers need only to add a single line of code to their iPhone app and tag the Apple Watch events they are interested in tracking. The entire process is extremely simple and can take as little as 10 minutes to complete. If you want to learn more, contact us today!

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