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App Marketing Costs Climb as the Competition Slows in the Top Ranks, Finds April Index

April “showered” marketers whose apps sit outside of the top 200 with a great opportunity to get increased visibility from their marketing spend as the big brands dialed back on spending before gearing up for their summer campaigns.

The Indexes saw an increase in app marketing costs as dollars continued to pour in throughout April, especially from small and mid-sized publishers. Meanwhile, the App Store Competitive Index, which measures download volume among the top 200 ranked apps, dropped 25 percent, to 5.34M from March’s 7.1M peak. It should be noted that this is not reflective of the broader app landscape, since more activity is being seen outside of the top 200 apps.

As big brand spend in the last month of Q1 dropped off, the higher costs that smaller apps and games were paying played a bigger role in April’s Indexes, reflecting higher costs across the board. Fiksu’s Cost per Loyal User Index rose five percent to $1.52 in April, while the Cost per Launch for Android increased 30 percent to $0.13, and iOS increased 20 percent, to $0.21. The CPI Index also saw significant lift, seeing a 21 percent increase for Android to $1.31 and 28 percent increase for iOS to $1.24.

More of the April analysis can be found here:

Thanks to all who covered the indexes this month, including VentureBeat, PocketGamer, Digital Marketing Show, Adotas, and MediaPost.

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