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Accepting the challenge: earning loyal users in a crowded app market


Here at Fiksu, we’re interested in how consumers interact with mobile advertising and how that, in turn, influences the app ecosystem. From interacting with ads to downloading new apps, we want to understand how consumers feel about mobile advertising and what drives them to download, try, and ultimately either delete apps or become long-term users.

So, we asked! We surveyed more than 500 consumers across the U.S. ages 18-70 to gauge their overall sentiment towards mobile advertising and see what we can do to better serve up advertisements to consumers on their mobile devices.

Not so surprisingly, from different ad formats to the amount of retargeting out there, many users are dissatisfied with the mobile ad experience.

  • While users are increasingly willing and even eager to try out new apps, they also have no problem deleting apps that no longer meet their needs or serve up irrelevant ads, making the app marketplace even more competitive.
  • Out of those surveyed, 87 percent said they use fewer than 10 apps per day, despite having far more than that on their devices.
  • We were surprised to see that a wide percentage of survey respondents most likely underestimated the amount of apps on their phones.
  • We even conducted our own internal survey, where we had team members guess the number of apps on their phones. Seventy-eight percent vastly underestimated a number of apps downloaded on their phones, which we would guess the average consumer did too.
  • Despite having a wide array of apps downloaded on their devices, 65 percent of all respondents reported using fewer than three apps for at least 15 minutes a day, making it clear that only a small percentage of apps get the bulk of attention from users.

It’s not all bad news for mobile app advertisers, though. The study confirms that new devices offer a great time to capture new users: 79 percent of consumers say they download at least one new app when they get a new device. New phones provide increased storage space, as well as better functionality, and in general more updated features that inherently encourage users to discover and download new apps.

Then again, 50 percent of consumers use a new phone as an opportunity to delete apps as well — so app publishers should make sure they’re working to retain existing users through those transitions.  App marketers need to focus on the key times when new devices are entering the market, whether around a new phone release, the holidays, or other key retail shopping seasons.

What does all this mean? It means that both app developers and marketers are fighting for a very small percentage of apps that have a meaningful and long-term role in a user’s daily life. However, there still is a ton of opportunity for app developers, such as key times when new devices are released.

To learn more, download the market brief here.

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