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New Ebook: Press play on a winning mobile video strategy

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About two thirds of the media we buy each day is now video inventory. Why so much? It’s simple: mobile video campaigns convert for our clients. But for marketers new to video, we often hear the road to building a successful and repeatable campaign is fraught with unexpected complexity, frustration, and is a time sink. To help all marketers – and especially those dipping their toes into mobile video for the first time –  we wrote, Video: The gold standard in mobile advertising. The purpose of this content is to help you start faster and more successfully with video. Specifically, this ebook will help mobile…..

Pitch out: taking your mobile ads to the ballpark

It’s opening day for most of baseball today, and here at Boston-based Fiksu we have a lot of Red Sox fans getting excited for another big season. But beyond our rooting interests, we’ve also been thinking a lot about how the combination of location targeting and mobile ID-based tracking creates huge opportunities for brands interested in reaching baseball fans. First, baseball lends itself to direct location targeting for several reasons: 30 teams * 162 games each = 2,340 games An average of 30K fans per game Easy to map – only 30 locations to target Baseball pacing encourages lots of…..

10 reasons you need a mobile DSP

Usually, people we talk to have dipped their toes into programmatic advertising and are using, or have tried, a traditional desktop DSP. Yet, they’re talking to us because they want to get more results from mobile advertising. Explaining how mobile differs from other more familiar digital ad formats (like desktop) is usually the first thing we discuss. While there are a number of important differences between mobile and desktop that impact campaign performance, the important thing to remember is a good mobile DSP doesn’t compete with a legacy DSPs but compliments it. While adding a DSP to an existing adtech stack may seem daunting, here are 10 reasons why you should…..

Don’t treat yourself to an iPad just yet: Fiksu DSP data reveals new models on the way

There have been plenty of rumors predicting Apple’s release of new iPads. So we perked up when digging into our SDK data we spotted evidence that the newest iPads are being tested now, and probably on pace for a spring release. The timing makes sense. Since the iPad’s debut in 2010, there’s been a steady decline in consumer enthusiasm for purchasing the devices. And that’s a problem for Apple, which wants the iPads to be a premium product, with a premium sticker price. What is the data and where does it come from? What this graph shows is a steadily increasing…..

5 predictions ahead of Mobile World Congress 2017

As another Mobile World Congress (MWC) kicks-off next week, we wanted to take a guess at what people will be talking about at the show when they’re not testing out the newest mobile devices on display. Here are five non-hardware predictions for MWC: 1. The continued development of AR/VR technology Every hardware vendor at the show is likely to say something about advances in AR/VR — mostly around hardware upgrades like improved processor speeds and lighter devices. However, more interesting will be the updates to the software, user experiences, and business strategies that will be used in the coming year…..

How to tell if your ad buying platform is optimized for revenue

App marketers must show the effectiveness of their ad spend on long term revenue, often through performance metrics like ROI and ROAS. While this kind of measurement is vital, it is not always easy since performance can be skewed by improper attribution, fraud, and the use of incentivized traffic (sometimes inadvertently). One of the easiest ways to avoid these problems is by using a DSP that focuses on revenue-based metrics. With a performance metric in place, campaigns get optimized towards sources that drive quality users: if a particular publisher or audience doesn’t deliver good ROAS, it is quickly removed from…..

The predictive value of Fiksu data: Apple earnings prediction for Q1 2017

We talk about data a lot at Fiksu. Not surprisingly, it’s almost exclusively through the lens of mobile performance marketing, our specialty. But our massive pipe of mobile data (over 4 billion device profiles and counting) can be used for a lot more than just improving ad targeting: it can also be used to glean higher level industry insights. We recently looked at data around the release of the last three standard-size iPhones and compared those numbers to subsequent earnings statements from Apple. We found an alignment between phone adoption in the first 90 days and whether or not Apple…..

Accepting the challenge: earning loyal users in a crowded app market

Here at Fiksu, we’re interested in how consumers interact with mobile advertising and how that, in turn, influences the app ecosystem. From interacting with ads to downloading new apps, we want to understand how consumers feel about mobile advertising and what drives them to download, try, and ultimately either delete apps or become long-term users. So, we asked! We surveyed more than 500 consumers across the U.S. ages 18-70 to gauge their overall sentiment towards mobile advertising and see what we can do to better serve up advertisements to consumers on their mobile devices. Not so surprisingly, from different ad…..

Holiday Webinar Recap

We recently presented our annual “How to Plan Your Holiday Ad Budget” webinar. A perennial favorite, this year’s presentation was different than years past in that it wasn’t just about highlighting our best tips and practices – but included a new month-by-month strategy for maximizing marketers’ mobile ad budgets. We built this strategy on five consecutive years of holiday data. While some of our tips changed (Remember the App Store freeze of 2013?) we mainly see the same buying behaviors each year. Since this year is likely to follow the same pattern, we designed our plan to take advantage of…..

Up all night to get Lucky: Fiksu and AGS crack the challenging social casino app market

You think marketing your app is hard? Try finding a profitable source of users for a social casino app. In contrast to real-money gambling apps, social casino apps let players try their luck at slots, video poker, bingo, and other games of chance – without wagering real money. These are apps are extremely popular, claiming 7 of the top 25 grossing slots in the app store right now. They’re also big business, with a market estimated at $4.4B in 2017. The trick is that the revenue is extremely concentrated in a small number of players: the VIPs, a tiny percentage…..

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