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Take a look at the comparison of BindMind by Fiksu with the main competitors

Be certain you enjoy the best media buying experience. From reporting to machine-learning algorithms, we're striving to guarantee that your CTV ad placement workflow is exceptional. Take a look at the comparison of BindMind by Fiksu with the main competitors, TheTradeDesk and, to check out alternatives and what you receive on each platform.

BidMind by Fiksu features compared to other advertising platforms

Min. spend, per month
3rd Party Data
Granular Reporting
for additional price
for additional price
Custom Permission Access
Custom Machine-learning algorithms
Enhance your marketing activities with an attractive alternative to traditional DSPs. BindMind by Fiksu offers sophisticated ad-buying workflow with precise targeting to raise your return on investment

In the age of comparatively recently emerged CTV environment, the lack of unified standards leads to issues with honest, trustworthy measurability. Unlike other demand-side platform companies, BidMind's tackles this challenge by providing media buyers with sophisticated reporting updated in real-time. Never shoot into the darkness: view performance to see how much revenue each invested dollar brings.

Transparent reporting

What BidMind by Fiksu brings to the table:

Remove any worries about having your ad budgets pocketed by fraudsters. While many DSPs leave marketers toe-to-toe with tricksters, with BidMind you are protected on several levels. Firstly, by our in-house anti-fraud shield: BidMind analyzes thousands of devices and permanently blocks risky sources from the supply chain. Secondly, our safety partner Pixalate, industry's renowned anti-fraud solution, is on guard of your budgets round the clock.

Fraud Prevention

Save yourself the nightmares of dealing with a PR crisis because your brand has been compromised on video DSPs with poor content. On BidMind, you are guaranteed that your ad messages are shown solely with premium quality videos.

Brand Security

If you feel like you lack the experience to run your own campaigns on connected TV, want to test the waters, or simply are short on time, our self-serve model comes in handy. Trust your marketing on CTV to our in-house advertising teams. Enjoy the full scope of services including campaign setup, customized analytics, and dedicated support until you're ready to take back the full control over your media buying.


Fikus: where experience marries innovation

Established in 2008, Fiksu has grown into an international marketing and technology company. Our achievements include a massive proprietary dataset of mobile audiences, delivery of hyper-targeted ads to customers, and now, cutting-edge machine learning technology for automated ad placement on CTV.

Fiksu's headquarters is based in Boston, MA with offices in New York, San Francisco, and London.

Years-long track record of services by Fiksu:

integration with premium inventory
access to Private Marketplace
precise targeting through powerful optimization and segmentation tools, retargeting / reengagement
high-performance lookalike modeling (including Machine learning)
support team (onboarding/ Q&A sessions, ongoing support)
compliance with CCPA and GDPR Frameworks
anti-fraud protection and brand safety (solutions by industry-leading systems as Pixalate)
detailed reporting & measurement system

Client Portfolio

In Fiksu, we pride ourselves on helping various scale businesses to step up their marketing game and run thousands of successful campaigns for brands, agencies, and app advertisers.

Fiksu has successfully worked with such brands as Amazon, Disney, Coca-Cola, Electronic Arts, Dunkin' Donuts, as well as 24 of the top 25 highest-grossing iOS apps.